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The Wisest Paint and Best Paint Brushes

When I first started blogging I was also fairly new to painting & staining wood. Now I've finished hundreds of projects from refinishing cabinets to bedroom furniture. The fact is, there's not one way to refinish wood. There are many ways. While I tend to follow...

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DIY Farmhouse Entryway Wall Hook Rack

I couldn't be more happier these days, but I've missed blogging. I've been on a 6 month break from blogging. Not by choice, but due to time. I took 18 units in college while preparing our home to sell. We sold our home and moved in with family while purchasing our...

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DIY Entertainment Center

Often semi-custom homes or track homes, have odd spaces or open nooks that don't work very well with furniture. It's hard to find furniture to fit just right, and even when it does, it will rarely look as good as something built-in.  We had two of these funny spaces...

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Apple Fangirl, Yes I Am

I joined a group of lovely bloggers to offer an amazing opportunity for my readers and theirs. It just so happens that the prize options are also my favorite brand of smartphones, tablets and computers. And so I write.... Yes, I am an Apple Fangirl, if that means I...

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DIY Beverage Bar

You purchased a home a few years ago and you’ve either stuffed a desk or other piece of furniture in that empty nook, so common in builder grade homes, or you continue to ponder what to do with that space. When I say builders grade, I’m not saying your home isn’t...

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Bloglovin’ – Have You Heard?

Perfectly Inspired is now on..DRUM ROLL PLEASE.... Bloglovin'!! Hi everyone, I am moving away from sending emails, because I found this super-duper blog platform that can do it for me, and it's far more efficient. Plus it gives me time to focus on what I love most-...

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Going to College – The Unconventional Way

Many go to college right after high school and it's typically the norm. Having started to attend college right out of high school myself; I followed because it was how it was "supposed to be." I didn't take any SAT tests and had made up my mind that I would attend a...

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Easy DIY Rustic Chalkboard

DIY projects ended up consuming my entire 10-day vacation during the holidays. Instead of relaxing, I spent the day after Christmas through New Year's Day working on home reno projects and smaller projects. Heck, I even started a Barn Wood Growth Chart project on...

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I'm a daughter, sister, twin, mom, wife, aunt, friend, designer, kitchen gadget craze, tech nut, home improvement enthusiast... I love the many hats I wear. My two kiddos are my world. I love reading and writing. I started writing as a graphic and web designer providing content, then started my own blog JennyLeeBlogs which progressed to Perfectly Inspired.  I'm an Account Manager by day and Blogger/Web Designer by night. I'm your everyday, 9-5, non-frilly, OCD, driven lady who tells it how it is and my posts will reflect this. I am me, as you are you ~ Love and Respect One Another 🙂

Perfectly Inspired is just that. We all have moments where we are Perfectly Inspired to do something. Whether it’s a project, event, trip, idea or to make a purchase, it’s that exact moment you feel excited about doing. Connect with me through Perfectly Inspired on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube or Twitter or through post comments & share what you have been “Perfectly Inspired” to do lately.

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