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Update about Perfectly Inspired

Below was written about five years ago. It's crazy how fast time files as well as how views and preferences change. I still love the rustic, farmhouse decor and design along with clean and transitional. What started out as a blog called JennyLeeBlogs that I was not sure exactly which direction the blog would take, I now know perfectly well. The blog is Perfectly Inspired by my own ambitions, experiences, family and life. I absolutely know where the blog is headed and I look forward to sharing many more quality brands that I am passionate about and sharing all my first time DIY projects with you.

A large portion of the DIY projects in this blog are first time experiences, which means anyone can do these things if they put their mind and time into them. I am a pure do-it-yourself and not a professional and have had great success on the first try with 99% of my projects.  What I have learned is that most everything can be fixed or redone, or even just spot fixed as in painting and marking an area on accident. So don't sweat it. You got this!

Perfectly Inspired is just that. We all have moments where we are Perfectly Inspired to do something. Whether it's a project, event, trip, idea or to make a purchase, it's that exact moment you feel excited about doing. Please connect with me through Perfectly Inspired on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube or Twitter or through post comments & share what you have been "Perfectly Inspired" to do lately.

What will I be PERFECTLY INSPIRED to do next......

Hello there and howdy!?  Well lets just stick with Hello… I am very new at blogging..that’s an understatement-  like this is my first time ever writing a blog NEW!  So, you probably want to know a little bit about me and why I have ultimately took that plunge to give up fun outdoor time to sit behind a desk and blog my thoughts away. Here it goes…

First of all I am NOT a writer or literary major.  I may not be grammatically correct all the time and you may find typos. Well, that’s because I am NOT a writer, if I haven’t already stated that little fact.  I became a bit of a computer geek nearly nine years ago (2004) when I started dabbling in graphic design and later web design.  I want to write my thoughts, share my likes- my passion for quality things and of course my “not so favorite things”. The fact is, I love to shop, not spend, shop! There’s a difference. I don’t buy cheap, just to have things. I buy quality items, or at least I feel they are- feel less is more and in the long run, I SAVE. This mantra of mine sort of took form about three years ago.

Around 2010, surfing the web for a baby stroller for my soon-to-be born daughter, I came across a wonderful brand that I didn’t even know existed. Heeeelllllooooo new world! This opened the doors to the realization that there are so many more products, brands and companies out there to choose from. Many that you won’t find advertised or at your local box shop. They tend to be of better quality and yes, many cost more than “like” products. But when I say “like” they really are not that “alike” at all! Not even close when it comes to quality, service and longevity of the product. Not to mention many of these products are built safer and healthier.  And I LOVE TO RESEARCH AND TEST, in other words SHOP! We may just have to review this fabulous stroller later, which I ended up buying two, one for a gift. Here’s the review! I just wrote Jan 26, 2014.

My husband and I were in the process of purchasing our new home, which I may add took two years.. we won’t get into that.  Needless to say we moved out of the home we were renting and in with my parents during the 6 months prior to finally finding our little slice of the pie in a small quaint town called Escondido. Ok… so it’s not that quaint. But we found a lovely area just on the outskirts and we call it home.

Prior to this move we held a garage sale and got rid of, yes you can image, just about everything besides the “quality” items I already possessed and my two beautiful children which were not for sale of course. That was it, a clean slate! Out with the junk and in with the new. Which of course gives me plenty of things to REVIEW!

We moved into our new home November of 2012 and had to fill 2700 sq ft of home with furniture and of course all my favorite things; kitchen gadgets, cookware,  office items, electronics that make life easier and of course shoes.

Besides quality products that make life easier, I love decorating my new home. Interior decorating (I won’t call it design as I am not a designer and well… I sort of wing it), has become a hobby of mine. I love the clean look, but really enjoy that coastal farmhouse look. Rustic wood designs, paired with those blue, gray and beige colors are just my style. Every room is a new project from bathrooms to hallways to the little five year old boys room and of course the future room of my 2 year old daughter.

To make this long story short, if that is possible.. I was nicknamed “motormouth” as a child. Yes you can image I can type as much as I talk. Anyways, back on track here; quality has become my new obsession. I research a product until that product cannot be researched anymore. If that makes sense. After I have determined which product is the the best quality, I then seek out the best price for that item. Now remember, this isn’t about finding “cheap” it’s about finding quality items and then finding the best bang for the buck. Quality is not only a product or brand, but a company must be “quality” as well. We can get into that later in a future blog post.

In short (this time it’s for real); The geek in me, paired with this new found love, led me to start this blog to share my experiences with quality brands, products and companies based on my belief-mantra — that “Buying a lifetime quality product, is less expensive than buying a cheap product over and over again“. So click the link as this is  my “true” first blog post ever! Oh, and I will stop using that word- MANTRA! I promise 🙂

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