Bike riding is one of my favorite outdoor activities. Heck, I enjoy it so much I ride a stationary bike inside!  When I purchased my home five years ago, I got my first hybrid bike. It’s a Trek Neko S and I still ride it.  In case you’re wondering what that is; it’s got a body like a mountain bike for an upright ride and slimmer tires for a faster ride on the road.  I didn’t just get a new bike either. I got gear! Geeking out at the Trek bike store in San Marcos, CA – I came home with gloves, a light weight jacket, riding pants, bike light, water bottle holder, water bottle, iphone holder and of course a helmet. I wasn’t just getting a bike, I was becoming a bike rider,  at least a wannabe one. We all need to start somewhere right?

Safety First

Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, no one wore bike helmets. “Like totally uncool man.” They were like over-sized bowls back then. At some point, safety awareness for all sorts of things came to light, such as seat belts in cars and helmets for motorcycles, recreational toys and bikes. Bike helmets still didn’t look great. At 30 years old and buying my first real bike, “coolness” was not even on my mind. Not only was I not some middle-aged teen with no one to impress, but I value my life and thus my safety.

I bought a Bontrager bike helmet in a bright teal and white. It sat on my head and honestly it didn’t seem like it would protect it much, not to mention the look was so alien-like. At one point this style was the new cool. Don’t get me wrong, I like the brand, just not the style or these types of helmets. I think these helmets have there place though, and I am not saying they are bad, they are just not as comfortable or as good looking. Check out the video comparison between these standard looking bike helmet designs and this new, AMAZING, all-around safe bike helmet, that I received from the down to earth people at Explorer Thousand.

Bike helmets serve one purpose first, and that is safety! So no matter the look, you should wear one when you ride. It could save your life. You just never know when the unexpected might happen and having a helmet protects you far better than if you don’t have one one! The good news – There is a bike helmet that provides this safety PLUS looks good!

A Bike Helmet a Thousand Times Better

9 months ago we got a new puppy. A frenchie and we named him Mickey. Well, my old helmet was left in the garage, on the floor by one of my kids. Well, you can guess the rest.. chomp, chomp, chomp. My helmet was no longer safe to use after this. The only great thing that came from this was the fact that I now had to search for a new helmet. It took me all by a few minutes before I stumbled upon the Thousand bike helmet.

I visited their website and was instantly drawn to the clean design of the helmet. The site was easy to use and I love how they share their story, which is inspiring. It was simple and clean, just like their Helmet. Thousand was designed by an entrepreneur based out of Los Angeles, CA. I encourage you to watch this video to learn a little more about the Thousand story. I thoroughly enjoy supporting companies who add value to their product and care about their customers. It’s not just any old “sci-fi-ish” helmet, it’s made out of a desire to improve safety as well as be fashionable.

I knew quickly that this was the helmet I wanted. I knew it was unlikely that I wouldn’t love everything about it. The look exuded cool with it’s vintage modern design. The hardest part was deciding on the gold or the navy helmet. I contacted the folks at Thousand and asked if they wanted to take a chance on allowing me to test their helmet and provide feedback to other bikers.  Good or bad. They were awesome from the moment I reached out to them!

What sets Thousand Bike Helmets Apart

The design is so different then other helmets on the market. It’s got a vintage look but is also very minimalist. There’s no large gaps or holes throughout it, but it remains very lightweight -410g (S), 450g (M) or 490g (L) and it still breathes. The finish is a smooth matte in navy, black or white. They also have a shinny finish in gold as mentioned above. Thousand helmets come with two sets of pads for the inside, so you can adjust the fit as needed. In terms of safety, the helmets are built to meet CPSC and EN1078 standards. Besides meeting safety standards, it feels safe while wearing it too. It’s one thing to meet standards, it’s another to actually feel safe while wearing the helmet.

Cruising down the beach with my Thousand Bike Helmet…. The look is just too cool, both in your hands, but also where it’s the most important- On your head! Vintage retro meets modern simplicity. I get excited just picking it and putting it on. Showing someone who’s asked me about isn’t bad either. I’ve had friends see it and ooh and awe over it. When I am out biking in the city, people stare and ask me where I got it. Once I show them the other features of this helmet, they are blown away.

The appearance and safety of the Thousand helmets are only two aspects, important no less. But the helmet is innovative. It’s not some “strap it on my head because it’s safe” helmet; it also serves another purpose, as well as offers included conveniences. The helmet comes with a hidden feature, as part of the design. The logo on the side, thsd, pops out to allow you to run a chain and lock it to your bike. They even guarantee it from theft! For anyone who bikes and stops to lock their bike up- what’s more annoying then lugging around a helmet? Now you can lock your helmet securely to your bike!

Let’s recap the most amazing features of this helmet and why I DO recommend it to bike riders:

  • It’s super comfortable. I haven’t found a helmet more comfy then Thousand Bike Helmets. Both straps adjust so you get the most comfortable fit for your head. The clasp is designed to wear on the side instead of under your chin, which is so much better. Other helmets have a bulky clasp under the chin which usually aggravated my skin after a longer ride. Now I don’t need to worry about this discomfort, thanks to Thousand.
  • It’s made of premium materials. Real Eco-Friendly leather- style straps are made with plant and animals in mind. The straps are made from something they call vegetan leather straps and a microfiber material. Honestly it feels like a soft leather. Maybe I will just call it “plant-leather” 🙂 Many helmets only have the hard foam with no extra soft padding. The pads on the inside of Thousand helmets offer an extra layer of comfort and you’ll have two levels to choose from.
  • It looks nice while still providing safety. In fact I think the solid design and coverage feels safer than most helmets I’ve tried. I really like how it covers more of my head while not being bulky. It has a few vents for airflow and the shell itself has a solid layer on top with a thin layer on the inside of foam and then padding. My old helmet was an extremely thin plastic shell, mostly holes and super thick foam.. honestly it sucked. I love the look of Thousand helmets and I get excited to ride my bike just to wear the helmet.. I know, I am a geek!
  • It’s convenient and innovative. The built in security for locking your helmet is not only convenient, it’s designed in a way that is not obtrusive. You wouldn’t even know it was there if they didn’t tell you! The magnetic clasp saves you time and I will talk more about that below….
  • The clasp! The clasp deserves it’s own bullet. The clasp is my favorite part. After a long ride with my old helmet, there was nothing I disliked more than fussing with getting the thing off. The clasp was always so hard to use and was uncomfortable. Thousand Bike Helmets have a SLIDE IN MAGNETIC clasp that doesn’t get any easier to use. I love it! It’s a German engineering design and you can even use one hand!
  • The Fit. These helmets fit nicely on your head. They are not overly bulky and are made to fit around your head, coming closer to your ears. My old bike helmet sat mostly on top of my head and left a large gap on the sides of my head, exposed. Not only does this seem to make the Thousand helmet more comfortable, but it makes it look better too.

I could write all day and night on this amazing bike helmet. But I need to wrap this up. Watch the detailed video review of the best bike helmet here.

The Price of Thousand Bike Helmets

Let’s talk price and get to the point. These bike helmets will run you anywhere from $85 to $95. They are priced very well for the features mentioned above and it’s a comfortable, good looking design. As in the case with most things, “you get what you pay for.”  You get WAY MORE with Thousand Bike Helmets for the price. I would easily pay in the 3-digit range for this helmet. While at the bike store the other day, helmets ranged from cheap twenties all the way to the upper $200’s.. You can get a better looking helmet with one hand clasp operation, and integrated locking feature for $85.  Way to go Thousand for offering so much for less! Please check out Thousand Bike Helmets Design and features on their website and learn more about the people behind their brand.

What is one thing I would change about Thousand Bike Helmets?

Alright ladies and gents, I prefer to review products that get me excited from the moment I learn about them. There are times when a product appears to be one thing and then you receive it only to find out it’s not what you expected. I am someone who loves quality brands, I will report the good and the bad.. if there is any to report.

I’m super happy Thousand turned out to meet my exceptions. There’s only one change, or rather recommendation I have for Thousand.. PLEASE make me a teal colored Thousand Bike Helmet with shiny surface like the gold! That’s it. More colors please. I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT and there’s nothing that needs to changed. #BrandsThatRock #ThousandBikeHelmets #ExploreThousand

My hubby loves the design and the helmet himself, so we are going to get another one before he steals mine permanently. These helmets are Uni-Sex! They look good on both men and woman.

Thank you Thousand for caring enough about your brand to build that love into your design!

If you have experienced Thousand Bike Helmets or another brand you love, Please share in the comments below!

See the Thousand Explore Helmet up Close

Best Bike Helmet - Thousand Bike Helmet Review

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