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I'm a daughter, sister, twin, mom, wife, aunt, friend, designer, kitchen gadget craze, tech nut, home improvement enthusiast... I love the many hats I wear. My two kiddos are my world. I love reading and writing. I started writing as a graphic and web designer providing content, then started my own blog JennyLeeBlogs which progressed to Perfectly Inspired.  I'm an Account Manager by day and Blogger/Web Designer by night. I'm your everyday, 9-5, non-frilly, OCD, driven lady who tells it how it is and my posts will reflect this. I am me, as you are you ~ Love and Respect One Another 🙂

You’ve guessed it, I am Jenny, actually Jennifer is my true name and Lee is my middle. People call me Jen, Jenny and Jennifer- I’m sure I have been called other names, but we won’t discuss those.  Mostly my family calls me Jenny. You may have read the why, but here is a bit more about good ol’ me!

I am somewhat of a computer geek. Not the kind you would imagine with a pair of glasses (although I do wear contacts, so sometimes glasses) with a pocket protector in my left shirt pocket. Rather I just sort of fell into it. I had really little to no interest in computers until I landed a job where I was required to do the store signs. With really no experience I troubleshooted Photoshop and that’s how it all started. Digital Publishing certificate later and the entire Adobe suite under my belt, I moved on to web design.  Not the CMS kind of web design that this site is built off of; I started with Dreamweaver, building my sites from HTML & CSS from the ground up. I love it!

I’m the kind of person who would rather be at home doing nothing than at work doing nothing. Fortunately for me, I found a career that keeps me busy. I was a Marketing Coordinator, Graphic Designer and Web Designer by day and a mommy by night up until 2014. Now I am an Account Manager by day and mommy, blogger by night.  I do some freelance graphic and web design from word of mouth only as my focus is my family, blog and career. But I love helping someone get on their feet with their website or blogs needs. I just don’t seek the extra work, even though I love it!  Learning WordPress to create attractive and functional blogs and websites is my next goal, besides this new blogging thing that I have embarked upon.

I love working out, long walks, cooking, riding bikes, gardening, playing with my kids, researching and SHOPPING, and doing projects around the house.

Of course, I love my life and everyone in it. From the most amazing kids, husbands, family and close friends who I think of as family- to the new adventures that have yet to come. Spending time with these people are by far my most favorite thing to do in the world!

Well that’s me, as brief as I can write about it. Really there is too much to say and thus I could write on and on and on. But I won’t. I can be as excited as my kids get on Christmas when it comes to some of these things. If you have questions about me, please don’t hesitate to contact me via my contact page.

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