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Kids Table Turned Fun Chalk Top

This project had been planned for sometime, but late on a Saturday night, it became a reality. It's funny how that seems to work, at least around my home. I get all these ideas for future projects, contemplate them, imaging them from start to finish.  Time goes by, ...

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Should I Use Polyurethane?

I’ve asked myself this question with each and every project that involves wood. I’ve painted cabinets, stained cabinets and I’ve even painted cabinets with stain. For all of these projects; I start with a solid plan that may take a few turns; such as changes in design...

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Chalk Paint – The Super Easy Way to Update Furniture

I was on a role. Weekend after weekend I was tackling new projects. Between work, kids, business, refinancing and getting quotes for solar (stressful!), I still managed to fit in DIY home projects. Last weekend I painted my bedroom set in Swiss Coffee. Three days upon...

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Coastal Bedroom – Painted Bedroom Set from Dark to Light

How to Paint Your Bedroom Furniture - Make it new again I planned to stay in pajamas all day, binge watching "Jane the Virgin", but within an hour of being up and enjoying my morning coffee, my mind was reeling. I had planned earlier that week to paint my dark bedroom...

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How to Paint Cabinets / Wood and Get Pro Results

Don't want all the fluff and nitty-gritty details? Visit the "Quick Guide" to Painting Cabinets". Painting cabinets is an inexpensive way to make an old drab kitchen look new again.  Cabinets are by far the most expensive upgrade in your kitchen. New cabinets being...

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Painting 40-Year Old Cabinets

Painting your cabinets is a great way to update your kitchen and save money.  It's also the least expensive way to update an old, outdated kitchen.  If you do it right, it will add value to your home and pleasure to your life. If you want to learn how to paint like a...

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Best Blender Ever – Vitamix – Full Review

I haven't used every blender out there, nor do I claim to be some self-proclaimed blender genius, but my personal experience with the Vitamix Blender has been nothing short of superb. Who needs a high-speed blender, you ask? Everyone who loves smoothies, shakes,...

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Quick Guide to Painting Cabinets

Painting cabinets is no small task. It will take you hours and days to achieve a quality finish that looks professional.  Don't think you are going to knock this out in a weekend. Plan ahead. You can read my full how-to paint kitchen cabinets post if you want the...

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Update Your Cabinets For Cheap

Use Paint & Stain to turn new wood into Rustic Old Barn Wood

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I'm a daughter, sister, twin, mom, wife, aunt, friend, designer, kitchen gadget craze, tech nut, home improvement enthusiast... I love the many hats I wear. My two kiddos are my world. I love reading and writing. I started writing as a graphic and web designer providing content, then started my own blog JennyLeeBlogs which progressed to Perfectly Inspired.  I'm an Account Manager by day and Blogger/Web Designer by night. I'm your everyday, 9-5, non-frilly, OCD, driven lady who tells it how it is and my posts will reflect this. I am me, as you are you ~ Love and Respect One Another 🙂

Perfectly Inspired is just that. We all have moments where we are Perfectly Inspired to do something. Whether it’s a project, event, trip, idea or to make a purchase, it’s that exact moment you feel excited about doing. Connect with me through Perfectly Inspired on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube or Twitter or through post comments & share what you have been “Perfectly Inspired” to do lately.

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