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How to Paint Cabinets with Gel Stain – DIY

DIY projects are still the rage these days. More so now than ever with costs of labor so high. If you're one of those types who love to do the work yourself and like the look of dark cabinetry, this do-it-yourself project "Painting with a Gel Stain" is for you! Using...

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Make Wood Look Like Old Barn Wood Using Paint

Hi Gals and Guys! I'm super excited to share this project with you. For one, it was the easiest thing I've done in a long time; and two, I just found my new favorite way to add some great character to my home! I've seen tables and dressers finished to look like old...

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Why I love to Shop Zappos – The Most Amazing…

I wasn’t “frilly” as a child and I’m not as an adult. However I was more tom-boyish as a little girl than I am now. A phase so-to-speak. I love football, fishing, outdoors, camping, hiking and the list goes on. I do however dress like a lady, even though I don’t wear...

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Weight Loss Tips and Advice

I'm currently on my journey to lose weight and on track to a healthier lifestyle. I haven't felt this motivated and this good in two years. I woke up one day and IT WAS ON. For 4 weeks now, I've been consistent in my routine. Honestly it's been easier than I remember...

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Isagenix IsaLean Shake – Why I Recommend and Love it

Why I Love Isagenix IsaLean Shakes for Weight Loss You’re on this post and even considering reading it because you want to lose some weight or just get in shape.  I’m currently on my weight loss journey and lifestyle change as I type this. There’s only one real Meal...

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Weight Loss Journey & Lifestyle Change

Why can’t I be one of those skinny ladies who can eat anything and not gain a pound? Up until around age 17, I started having to work harder to keep weight off. I am sure there were things that I had done to mess with my metabolism; along with changes from growing...

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Low Carb Favorite Foods and Meals

If you're like me, you're always on a diet... You know what I mean. A lifestyle change.... Sometimes I get off track from eating healthy even though I know I shouldn't stay off course for too long. But life happens. Kids, work, business, school, projects and repeat....

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Top 10 Kitchen Must Haves

The kitchen is the heart of our home. When you have a get-together.. where does everyone seem to crowd? The kitchen! How many times a day do you find yourself in the kitchen, besides breakfast, lunch and dinner?  Uh, huh.. A LOT!  The kitchen is probably the heart of...

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Painting Builders Grade Cabinets – Linen Closet Makeover

My Very First DIY Project - Painting Cabinets with Benjamin Moore Advance... Is finally going down on paper… well digitally anyways. My linen closet was my test run so-to-speak. It wasn’t big enough to be daunting, but large enough to make a statement in my home.  If...

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Update Your Cabinets For Cheap

Use Paint & Stain to turn new wood into Rustic Old Barn Wood

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