DIY projects ended up consuming my entire 10-day vacation during the holidays. Instead of relaxing, I spent the day after Christmas through New Year’s Day working on home reno projects and smaller projects. Heck, I even started a Barn Wood Growth Chart project on Christmas Eve before heading up to spend time with family, and then finished it on Christmas morning!  I haven’t sat all but 30-minutres these past five days (besides sleeping) – I think I will need another vacation!

DIY Easy Rustic Chalkboard with barn wood frame
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One of my Easy DIY Projects – Barn Wood Rustic Chalkboard

I worked on my bathroom, putting up a wood wall, painting cabinets with gel stain and building shelves throughout my home. In between this, I filled my time working on this super easy Rustic Chalkboard, using the same Faux Barn Wood method from a previous project.  I was a busy-bee for sure!

I came across an unused cabinet door face that was left over from our Coffee & Wine Bar project and instantly I thought “let’s make a chalkboard with barn wood look”.  So that’s what I did. I started my chalkboard right then and there, as I had all the supplies I needed already.

Supplies to Make a Rustic Barn Wood Chalkboard

Here’s how to make your chalkboard

Prepare the area: Lay down plastic or other drop cloth. Use two boards such as 2x2 or 4x4 to keep the cabinet door face off the ground. Anything that keeps the door off the ground is perfect. Gather your supplies.

Paint: First use painter’s tape to cover around the inside of the frame to keep paint from getting all over the board. A little won’t hurt it, as you’ll be painting over this with chalkboard paint. Too much and you’ll need to sand it flat.

Now apply your paint to the frame. Start with one color and sporadically lay it down. Don’t forget the edges. Fill the frame with all three colors. It’s OK to leave some wood showing.  You can watch how to do this in my video “creating faux barn wood“.

For this chalkboard project, I applied the paint more spotty. For the above project in the video, I blended the paints more. Both look great and are a matter of preference. More defined colors or more blended…

Allow your paint to dry completely. I waited 16 hours.

Sand: Now use your orbital sander to buff out areas of the frame, going heavier in some area and lighter in others. Don’t forget the corners and sides. Again, you can see me do this in my video “creating faux barn wood“. Once this is finished, wipe away all the dust with a dry cloth.

Apply Stain: Using a lint free cloth or t-shirt, apply your stain all over the frame. Buff the stain in and remove all excess. Allow this to dry.

Apply Chalkboard Paint: I used painter’s tape and covered the frame this time, then applied the Rustoleum chalkboard paint using a decent quality paint brush. I like the Wooster short handled brush for these types of projects.  I applied 4 coats. Waiting the recommended dry times in between coats. Make sure to read the label.

Apply finish coat to frame: When the chalkboard paint was fully dried, I used painter’s tape again to keep the finishing wax off the chalkboard. I applied a good coat of Americana Decor Creme Wax to the frame. I applied it with a wax brush and buffed it out with an old t-shirt, following the label directions.

That’s it! Super easy and cute DIY chalkboard. Perfect for a trade-show booth, your cutesy shop or business, your kitchen or anywhere in your home! Chalkboard’s are just downright fun!  Have you made a chalkboard? Share you experience below!

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