Near the end of my quick and fabulous bathroom remodel, where I painted my cabinets with General Finishes Gel Stain among other cost effective upgrades,  I made a trip to Michael’s. We all know what happens when you go to Michael’s! The mind starts reeling and creativity and ideas flow. I went there to find a small basket for the new shelves we put up in the bathroom. Upon walking the isles I ran into the Mason Jars and the pretty artificial flowers and that’s when it hit me!

Mason Jar Centerpience made with sand, glass, rocks and flowers

DIY Pro Tip - Mason Jar Party Decor!

This Mason Jar Craft would be perfect for a centerpiece at an event such as a wedding reception, banquet, birthday bash, holiday party, company party or any party that has tables! Use colors that match your theme. You could even use small mason jars to create a floral centerpiece for the seating tables and large mason jars (as in this project) for the cake table, wedding party table, buffet, etc. Your guests will be fighting over who gets to take em’ home!

I needed to make a Mason Jar Centerpiece for my Rustic Coastal Farmhouse bathroom!

I wanted something that looked good, but was also easy to make. I gathered the following supplies and headed home

How to make your Mason Jar Centerpiece

STEP 1 – Gather your supplies: You are going to love how fast and easy this project is. Go to your local craft store or shop online and have all your items delivered for your weekend project. Prepare a flat surface and lay out all your goodies.

STEP 2 – Cut your flowers: Arrange your flowers so they look good to you. I bent the ends of the flowers and placed in the mason jar to see how I wanted them to end up. Arrange them so some are taller than others, etc. I then cut off the excess stem where I had bent it. Then placed all the flowers and accent leaves inside the jar and arranged them once again. I used 3 flowers, using White to breakup the blues and a set of green leaves to further break up the colors. Hold the stems together in the center of the mason jar once you’ve found your placement.

STEP 3 – Add your filler: Now you’re going to add the rest of your ingredients. You can add your items anyway you want. I started by adding the natural sand, then teal sand. Next I added the crushed glass and finally the rocks. I had some left over glass rocks in blues/clear so I mixed a few of these in with the rocks. You could even use glass gems.

STEP 4 – Now that you’ve created your masterpiece, you can wrap some twine or other material around the outside. I liked the jute twine as it feels beachy to me.  I used the wire twine and wrapped it around the top several times before wrapping the rest around the middle of the mason jar. I just worked my way down until I ran out. The wire twine stays in place well, but you will need to secure the end. I used scotch tape to hold the twine in place near the end and used super glue on the last inch to keep it in place. Once the glue dried, I removed the scotch tape.

That’s it! The sky really is the limit in terms of container, filler and what you place inside, but I think artificial flowers are fun!  Not only is it super easy, but you will be able to create so many wonderful things after this one… This project has sparked a new found creativity for easy DIY crafts for my home. It’s the little things that make a HUGE impact in our homes or decorations for a party. What a great gift idea for someone too!

Head to your local craft store or shop around online and get crafting! What crafts have you done that were super easy, but made a big impact? Share below!

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