15 Years Of Experience

Doing what I love, so you’ll love it too.

Appealing Design

The perfectionist paired with the geek in me, guarantees you’ll get a pixel perfect design.


SEO Friendly

As website is only as good as it’s found. I build SEO friendly sites and can teach you how to naturally boost your site.


Drag & Drop Builder

Modern designs, need modern technology. Make updates with a drag and drop builder.


Your blog or business is unique. You and I can work together to create a website that fits your brand and is consistent across all platforms.

Fully Responsive

If you’re not mobile, you’re missing out. I only build mobile friendly websites.


No need to hassle with local software. Add, update and edit your site from anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection.

JennyLeeDesigns - Blogs and Websites

What does 15 years of experience mean? Here’s my background. I started working in the Marketing Industry providing graphic design for a lawn and garden supply store. I progressed to the Marketing Supervisor performing all of the graphic design, web design, social media marketing and search engine optimization for that company. Later, I branched out on my own to provide services for small and even large businesses, including my own personal endeavors… like Perfectly Inspired.

I have spent the last 15 years as the sole creator of thousands of ads, copy, print, digital, radio and digital design.  I’ve touched everything with extensive experience in; Email marketing, social media design, google adwords, adsense, eCommerce design, WordPress Design, WordPress Maintenance, WordPress Management, WordPress Security, Hosting Setup, Domain Setup, Domain Transfers, Moving Websites to a new domain or server, and much more. I pride myself in providing pixel perfect designs and being well-versed in the industry.

I now focus on my blog, as Perfectly Inspired is are all the things I love and am passionate about, plus the ongoing skills I continue to learn through its inspiration.  If you need help with your blog or website, I will be upfront about your project and provide honest, constructive feedback. Sometimes I end up providing information and sharing knowledge with others who want to tackle the creative work all on their own. Other times, together we collaborate to build or re-create a new blog or business website. Either way, it’s my passion to help others with their blog & website goals.

For some, getting started or building the initial layout can be challenging, and time is often limited when you’re focusing on making money. That’s OK! –  This is why designers like me are here, honed in on these skills to make the process easier. I build clean, mobile-friendly websites using WordPress, but will build in Wix or Squarespace if desired. Anything that completes the web/blog design process, such as setting up social media accounts or creating a logo, I provide. The goal is a unified and consistent look.

You can contact me if you’re in need of a blog, website or simply have questions. I am real person, providing personable advice & my passion for design, technology and writing. I don’t nickle and dime. I’m Jenny.

  • Graphic Design 100%
  • Web Design 100%
  • Blog Design 100%
  • Video Design 80%
  • E-Commerce 90%
  • Google Products 100%
  • WordPress Platform 100%
  • Email Marketing 100%
  • Social Media Design 100%
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 95%
  • Follow Through 100%
  • Communication 100%
  • Reasonable 100%
JennyLeeDesigns - Blogs and Websites
How long does it take you to build a blog only website?

I can have a blog ready for you in a week. There are a number of factors that could extend the time – How long it takes to get content or feedback from you, and how many features you need. Overall, if you’re as communicative as I will be with you (easy to reach and responsive), the site shouldn’t take that long. Overall, I will communicate with you from the beginning on when I can get started and when I will have your first draft.

How long will it take to build a website?

Because I am selective and only take a project at a time, I will communicate with you from the beginning, a timeline of all involved. I will let you know when I can start and when I will have a first draft. Things such as features, e-commerce requirements, etc., will require more time. Websites range from 2 weeks to 1 month. I will work with you to understand your project & brand. Once I know your needs, I can come up with a recommendation, quote and explain it in more detail.

What do you offer in terms of features?

There are many features, but to name a few; picture and video galleries, contact page (simple to dynamic), project displays, sliders, carousels, counters, pricing tables, dynamic feeds such as social media or reviews, e-commerce and much more. Just let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll discuss it with you in more detail.

What do you offer and what don't you offer?

I am very flexible and frankly I don’t nickle and dime. When we discuss a project, I put my all into your site design as if it were my own. That’s why I have been known to provide free logo design and branding when building a website because it’s a great basis for building a website.

What I do not do- is build a few designs for you to choose from. I build one design, and alter it as you wish from there. We can go back and forth until the design is perfect. Honestly, I have never had a client who wasn’t excited about the first draft, sometimes with very minor tweaks. I work with you to really understand your brand and needs in a website, before embarking on the design process. Understanding your purpose for a blog or website is the most important part, and then discussing, colors & features you desire, before ever touching any code.

One of the reasons people come to me in the first place, is for an expert to guide them in their design and to recommend features based on their website goals – based on what they want their website to accomplish. If you’re a blogger, you may want a place to blog frequently, to add images and advertisements. You may want to have google ads setup to earn income and even affiliate links/ads. If you’re a business selling a niche product, you may want an e-commerce site with a blog to help boost SEO and brand yourself as the experts. You may want help setting up an Etsy or Amazon shop. You may be a small business that wants a website to show case your services and for people to find you. Whatever your reason, I am here to guide you and build you a beautiful mobile responsive website.

How much do things cost?

Your website shouldn’t cost you a fortune. Websites do vary greatly, because their features and functionally vary greatly. What I can tell you is that to run your site, it can cost you as little as $10/month for your hosting. The cost of your site build will be a one time fee with me.

I do not sell hosting, so your website will be designed and setup under your own hosting account. The only other costs that could be associated with hosting is whether or not you require an SSL (secure socket layer, HTTPS) and which level of hosting plan you desire. Most new blogs and small business will only require a “middle of the row” plan.

If you are looking for great WordPress hosting, I recommend giving HostGator a try. The have cloud based and WordPress hosting and it powers this blog and many others I own and others I have built.

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