I joined a group of lovely bloggers to offer an amazing opportunity for my readers and theirs. It just so happens that the prize options are also my favorite brand of smartphones, tablets and computers. And so I write…. Yes, I am an Apple Fangirl, if that means I prefer Apple products over others. It doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy Microsoft or Google products. I just prefer Apple, as my entire ecosystem at home is established mostly around Apple connectivity and my family are all iPhone users.

So What Apple products do I have in my home?

Apple products serve a few functions in my home and in my daily life. It may sound a little vain, but I tend to get a new iPhone every year and I am often eagerly awaiting their announcements. Prior to these announcements, I may find the time to google and jump on the rumor mill to hear what may be coming too. More often then not, these rumors turn out to be true or very close from sources like macrumours.com.

So, I get a new iPhone nearly every year, or at least that’s been the trend over the past 5 years. The good thing about Apple products is I can sell them each year for at least half of what I paid for them, turn around and get a new phone. Sometimes I even come out ahead! Plus T-mobile makes it very easy to get the latest phone with their EIP agreements. Paired with their low cost service, makes owning a new phone, about the same as you’d pay in service from other providers.


My iPhone is to me as paper is to a printer. It’s essential for me to achieve many of my goals & daily activities. My phone is the hub of my information and where I send and receive correspondence with family, leisure and business. I use it as my primary source to take photos of my family and video, as well as use it 100% for my blog photos/video. My calendar keeps me organized between work, kids, this blog and full time college courses. Calendars by Readdle – Event and Task Manager is the app I use and prefer.

It’s my GPS and apps like Waze help me to get places quicker and let me know when the highway patrol is ahead.  The music app keeps my favorite tunes ready and Apple Music allows me to listen to just about any music for a low monthly fee with no commercials, save them to playlists and access them across all my devices.

The Alarm.com app allows me to control my thermostat and unlock my doors from anywhere, and the Pentair app allows me to control my swimming pool. Of course there’s facebook, instagram, pinterest, twitter and youtube apps that help me stay connected with friends and family, but also run this blog and respond to readers. YouTube Creator Studio is very helpful in staying organized with videos I post and Photo Notes by Curtis McCarthy allow me to keep my photos organized for blog posts, fitness goals, DIY projects and other activities I have going on.

My family uses the iPhone, including my hubby and son. It allows us to stay in sync with each other by sharing our location and taking advantage of face-time and other Apple text expressions. We save money by sharing our Apple Music plan and our apps through family-sharing. In general, we save by being on the same system and using the same tech. The $14.99 for Apple Music is now really divided by 3 users and eventually four, once my daughter is old enough for a phone. I think you get the idea of why my iPhone is an important factor.

MacBook Pro

Next up in terms of importance, is my Macbook Pro with touch bar. I also have a hard time with not wanting the latest and greatest. Yes, Apple is great at making people want to upgrade. I don’t buy a new MacBook every year, due to price and practicality, but I have purchased a few over the last few years. I know how that sounds, but honestly, it is because my son received my old laptop, my mom another and myself the latest, all in relation to upgrading for business purposes.

My iPhone and MacBook are in sync with my workflow, with the bulk of heavy design & editing performed once brought into my MacBook. I easily airdrop information, photos and files from my iPhone to my MacBook, which makes work more streamlined and efficient. I use it to write lengthier emails and documents. The bulk of my writing, photo and video editing are all done with my MacBook Pro. I use Adobe design software from Photoshop to Illustrator to edit photos and design graphics for my blog, Book Buckles and other endeavors. This may sound a bid amateur, but I simply use iMovie to edit my videos. Maybe one day I will invest in Final Cut Pro, but for now, iMovie is extremely easy, with decent features to produce what I need. And when I need something more flashy, I can use Adobe After Affects. Besides work, I watch movies, surf the Internet for information and research, as well as shop online using the comfort of my highly portable MacBook Pro.


The iPad Pro, is the least used Apple device from my perspective, but my kids use it a lot. I tend to prefer my iPhone 7 Plus or the convenience of the smooth keyboard on the MacBook Pro. For me, using the iPad means I am using Adobe Illustrator to draw or trace graphics using the Apple Pencil, and exporting it back to my MacBook. For my kids, it means using educational apps and playing games. They use it the most. The Apple iPad Pro Keyboard makes it more usable for emailing and typing longer documents, but as of late I have just been using my MacBook Pro. I probably should take advantage of the size convenience of the iPad Pro and use it for notes in college, but it’s not like my MacBook is some giant brick, quite the opposite with the latest models.

Apple Watch

I know, I’m crazy right. Will this list ever end? I am afraid my friends, it’s not over yet. I own two Apple Watches. I’ve owned an Apple watch since the first gen, but never used it to it’s fullest capabilities until about 8 months ago when fitness and my health became huge factors in my existence. It’s not like they have not been in the past, I had just got off track for a couple of years and jumped back on the horse so to speak. (I actually am not a horse person, lol).  Anyways, I upgraded to the Series 2 Apple Watch with Nike Sport band and because I dropped and pant size, I decided to buy myself another. I got the Gold Apple Watch Series 2. The Aluminum gold, not real gold. I am not really that nuts or that rich.

These watches can pick up where one left off. Take your Apple Watch off, place the other on your wrist, unlock if yours is secured, and raise your wrist. It may take a minute or so to sync up, but all your data prior to the switch will now be on your new watch. Here’s how you can setup & use handoff between your Apple Watches.

The Apple Watch has played a large role in my daily life. I talk more about it in my weight loss journey post, but overall I meet my calories goals each month. It motivates me to get out and walk/job and push my limits. The integrated GPS is nice as I am not tethered to my phone, although I often do bring it with me. I stay connected with quick notifications that let me know the importance or not so much. If it’s important, I can respond quickly or pick up my iPhone or MacBook and handle my business. It’s also become part of my sense of style. I have a variety of watch bands to accessorize for the day, which is fun and I love coordinating colors.

Apple TV

About 2 years ago, we cut the cord from cable. For us, the Apple TV made this possible. Sure there are other systems, but with Apple so immersed into our daily lives, the Apple TV was the most logical for us. Not too mention the way it functions is just as easy as all their products and intuitive at the same time.

We still have two of the older Apple TVs which will soon be updated to match our third Apple TV, which is the latest generation. It has storage and Apple Developers make apps for it. It’s much better than the first gen in terms of apps, it has a cleaner interface and improved navigation. The remote is nicer than the old style with swipe technology and voice command allows you to even enter your password vocally. You can now search for titles by voice, and direct it to search a specific app like Netflix or Showtime, or search through all of the apps on your device. It saves time and money, because now I can easily command it to find a free title before I opt to purchase in iTunes.

The Apple TV isn’t just for steaming music or videos, it’s a game system too. With the added game controllers, which look either like a Sony Playstation or Xbox controller, you can now play games built by developers. With the addition of free and paid apps, that include TV stations, you can now subscribe to HBO, Showtime and others, eliminating the need for cable. Pair that with Netflix and Hulu Plus and you’ve got all you need.

Apple Time Capsule

The Apple Time Capsule that I have is the older generation. I have had no need to update it. At over 5 years old is still runs great and I don’t experience any slowing. The design is a more flat and square device, where the new Apple Time Capsule is taller and made to easily attach to the back of a iMac with an adapter.

The Time Capsule is our Wifi hub and also a backup station for our devices. Setting it up is a breeze and syncing your devices to auto-updated are a few clicks and you’re done. It’s the ease-of-use and automatic syncing between our devices that make Apple products my go-to devices.  The Time Capsules come in 2T or 3T sizes and are very popular among Apple users.  The Wi-Fi base station, has the latest 802.11ac – connection speeds up to 3x as fast as 802.11n.

There’s so many more Apple products that I could use to further expand the ecosystem I have built to improve my workflow in home and away from it. I have big plans to one day be able to incorporate Apple Home into my daily life for lights, locks, cameras and thermostats. That is if another system doesn’t sway me. This is the one thing I am considering an alternative.

I’m guessing you can tell I am a huge Apple Fan and have been since they came out with the very first iPod! I would love to review and try out Apple’s Home products next. I am in need of Apple Air Pods. I hope I can get these to review soon, as well.

What do you think? Are you an Apple, Microsoft, Google/Android or all of the above? Comment below and remember to be nice! I know how this topic can be a sticky subject for some. 🙂


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